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Pako Happy Pets


Dog schools are educational institutions or training programs designed to teach dogs obedience, socialization, and various skills. These schools employ trainers who use positive reinforcement techniques to instill good behavior and enhance the bond between dogs and their owners. 


A dog trainer teaches dogs how to obey common canine commands and exhibit positive behaviours. In this role, you meet with the dog owner to discuss negative behavioural issues and explain your techniques to reduce or eliminate that behaviour.


Pet boarding provides a safe and supervised environment for pets when their owners are away. It ensures their well-being and offers social interaction, exercise, and personalized care.


Lodging that welcomes and accommodates guests with pets, offering a comfortable stay for both humans and their furry companions.


Contacts for children with disabilities involve fostering inclusive environments, tailored support, and accessible resources. These connections aim to ensure that children with disabilities have the necessary assistance.


Rescue organizations are groups dedicated to saving and rehoming animals in need. They work to provide shelter, medical care, and new homes for abandoned, abused, or neglected animals, contributing to the welfare and well-being of pets and wildlife.


Travelling with pets involves journeying with animal companions, necessitating careful planning to ensure their comfort, safety, and adherence to travel regulations.


Vets, or veterinarians, are medical professionals specialized in animal health care. They diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses in pets and animals, ensuring their overall well-being.

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