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Pako Clever Kids

Afternoon Care in Namibia

Holiday and afternoon care for children offers a safe and engaging environment during school breaks and after school hours.  Designed to accommodate working parents, it ensures children have a fun and enriching experience.

Animal Assisted Therapy in Namibia

Animal-assisted therapy involves trained animals, such as dogs or horses, working alongside therapists to support individuals' emotional, physical, or cognitive well-being. 

Art Classes in Namibia

Art classes for children offer a vibrant and nurturing space where young minds can unleash creativity. These classes provide hands-on experiences with diverse art forms and the development of fine motor skills in a fun and supportive setting.

Birthday Parties, Namibia

Baking for birthdays adds a personal touch, with custom cakes or themed treats. To prepare a birthday party, plan decorations, activities, and invite guests. Combine baking with celebration for a memorable and sweet occasion.

Children, Namibia

Contacts for children with disabilities involve fostering inclusive environments, tailored support, and accessible resources. These connections aim to ensure that children with disabilities have the necessary assistance.

Clothes, Namibia

Children's clothes and accessories are designed for comfort, durability, and style. These playful and practical items cater to the unique needs of young ones, providing a blend of functionality and fashion for different occasions.

Dancing, Namibia

Dancing lessons: Discover the joy of movement and rhythm as you learn various dance styles, enhance coordination, and build confidence on the dance floor. Join a fun and energetic environment to master the art of expression through dance.

Surfing, Namibia

Unleash creativity and joy with activities tailored for fun and exploration. From games to crafts, every moment is an opportunity for laughter, learning, and building lifelong memories in a safe and engaging environment.

Mental development, Namibia

Nurturing young minds through interactive activities, fostering resilience, emotional intelligence, and essential life skills. Building a foundation for success and well-being in a supportive and enriching environment.

Music, Namibia

Explore the world of melodies and rhythms. Learn to play instruments, unlock your musical potential, and cultivate a lifelong passion for the art of sound. Join a harmonious journey of skill development and self-expression.

Optics, Namibia

Optometrists: Vision care experts dedicated to preserving and enhancing your eyesight. From eye exams to personalized eyewear, trust optometrists for comprehensive eye health solutions tailored to your needs.

Pre-Primary Schools in Namibia

Early childhood education hubs fostering a love for learning through play, social interaction, and foundational skills. Nurturing young minds in a vibrant and supportive environment for a seamless transition to formal education.

Tutoring, Namibia

Private tutoring involves personalized, one-on-one instruction provided outside of traditional classroom settings. Tailored to individual needs, private tutors offer targeted assistance, helping students grasp challenging concepts, improve academic performance, and build confidence in specific subjects.

Schools in Namibia

Consider public for government-funded, private for tuition-based. Explore charter schools for independent options, Montessori/Waldorf for unique approaches, and international schools for a global perspective. Choose based on your child's preferences and needs.

Sport activities in Namibia

Explore diverse sports like soccer, basketball, and baseball for team dynamics. Individual pursuits include running, swimming, and cycling. Adventure sports, like rock climbing or surfing, offer thrills. Yoga and gymnastics enhance flexibility. Choose activities based on personal interests and fitness goals.

Theatre, Namibia

Children's theatre introduces young audiences to the magic of live performances, fostering creativity and imagination. Through engaging plays and interactive experiences, it cultivates a love for storytelling, self-expression and teamwork.

Therapists in Namibia

Child therapists specialize in supporting children's mental and emotional well-being. Using play, talk, or art, they help kids navigate challenges, express feelings, and develop coping skills. Child therapists create a safe space for exploration and growth.

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