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(Pako Kids Magazine - in collaboration with the SPCA, Border Collie Rescue Namibia and other rescue organisations in Namibia)

General Information
We have started Namibia Animal Awareness end of 2010 and the website Namibia Animal Awareness was mend to be a information site only (we didn’t knew that NAA would become a permanent job)! We are a small group of people with one passion: animals and environment!
Very quickly we have noticed that the public is interested in information about: where to take a sick or injured bird, dog therapy, horse therapy and much more. Many animals looking for new homes due to different reasons.

During our work with the SPCA, Border Collie Rescue and other rescue stations we have also noticed that due to lack of knowledge, many animals are ending up at these rescue stations. End of 2011 we have started the Pako Kids Magazine where we are trying to educate kids about pet handling and to wake their interest for animals and nature/environment. Teaching children about animals while having fun is what we do! Our mission is simple - help children learn about animals and nature and develop caring and understanding relationships.
Pako is a combination of information, games, poster, experiments etc – to make it interesting for the kids.

Our Pako Kids Magazine is dependant on support and sponsorships. Pako is a Namibia Magazine and we encourage businesses that care to support us and help us in our mission to change the world for animals - and to save our nature. Our mission: protection through education!

We are looking for people who would like to support our ‘sponsor a school’ project. This includes a sponsorship of 100 magazines (@ N$ 1100). These magazines will be handed out to underprivileged children, as they also have the basic right to an education.

Sponsor a School and your logo / name will be printed on the backside of the magazine (advertising is also possible).


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