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Birthday Parties > Archer's Land
Physical Address: Farm Monte Christo, only 30km from Windhoek
Phone: +264 (0)81 258 7682
E-mail: contact@archersland.com
Website: www.archersland.com



Parties for children / Great fun for kids

If you want something special for your child’s birthday or any other event then Archer’s Land is the ideal place to celebrate!

Please note: At least one adult for every 5-6 children has to come along to supervise the children during the trail and at the training range.
How does it work?

You arrive at Archer’s at the agreed time and the archers will receive their equipment and an introduction on how to shoot (incl. safety and rules).
Children do our special birthday balloon shoot, which is great fun and a good way to divide them into groups if necessary.
The children are divided into groups (depending on the number of children) and enjoy the trails.
You go to Heja Lodge or if you brought your snacks and cake along you enjoy them at Archer's Land and celebrate.


Entrance, equipment, balloon shooting and table and chairs set up for the children that shoot plus 2 - 3 extra adults.

N$ 115 per child (1 – 9 children)
N$ 105 per child (10 or more children)
N$ 140 for adults who are shooting
N$ 0 for adults that are supervising (1 adult per 5-6 children)

Important information

Please be advised that children are under no circumstances allowed to shoot on their own. They have to be supervised by an adult the whole time whilst on the practicing range and on the trail!
That means you will have to bring at least one adult for every 5-6 children who can supervise them during the trail and at the training range.


Booking in advance is essential
We charge an extra N$ 900 for events that take place during the week.
Soft drinks are available at cash bar
Gas stove to heat hot dogs and braai are available
If you want to invite extra children and adults who do not shoot or supervise we might not be able to provide them with table and chairs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any other questions. We are looking forward to welcoming you at Archer’s Land!!!

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